Is 1950s Mens Fashion Rock Roll’ Still Relevant Today?


Men’s dress changed dramatically with the advent of rock and roll and the influence of unruly subcultures like the Teddy Boys and the Greasers. This article examines the distinct attitude and style combination that defined men’s fashion in the 1950s, especially while rock and roll was in vogue.

Rock & Roll’s Effect on Fashion

The 1950s fashion scene was also altered by rock and roll music, in addition to the music industry. With their unique sense of style, icons like James Dean and Elvis Presley embodied the rebellious mood of the day, and hordes of admirers sought to copy their looks.

Crucial Components of Men’s Grease Style Clothing in the 1950s

The greaser look, which was characterized by cuffed jeans, white T-shirts, and leather jackets, was closely associated with rebellious youth culture. The combination of this tough yet effortlessly stylish image with rock & roll music and biker culture helped make it legendary.

Look at the Ivy League

Compared to the rough-and-tumble aesthetic of greaser fashion, Harvard College’s appearance was a symbol of class and sophistication. This look, which was influenced by college wear, was all about polished suits, button-down clothing, and penny loafers. It exuded sophistication and an air of scholarly charm.

Teddy Boy Style

Teddy Boy fashion, which had its start in Britain, was distinguished by flashy suits with Edwardian influences, pompadour haircuts, and sophisticated brogues. The desire of young men to reject post-war hardship and embrace richness and excess was mirrored in this dandyish style.

popular items of clothing during the time

Coats made of leather

Leather jackets were a mainstay of menswear in the 1950s, representing both masculinity and revolt. Legends like Marlon Brando, who wore one in “The Wild One,” helped to make these jackets associated with the rough charm of the open road.

White t-shirts

In the 1950s, men’s white T-shirts became a staple of the wardrobe—simple yet memorable. They embodied carefree cool and young rebelliousness whether teamed with jeans or worn underneath a leather jacket.

Ripped jeans

A trademark of greaser style, cuffed jeans gave an air of tough appeal to any ensemble. With the hem rolled up to show off a little ankle, they gave off a carefree vibe and a relaxed vibe.

Shirts for Bowling

The joyful attitude of the 1950s was encapsulated in bowling shirts with their vibrant colors and vintage patterns. Men who wanted to stand out when using the lanes preferred them since they were frequently embellished with embroidered motifs.


Another essential item for any wardrobe, sweaters provide warmth and style in the chilly months. They brought a bit of refinement to any outfit, whether they were paired comfortably with jeans or placed over a shirt that was buttoned for a preppy aesthetic.

Hairstyles from Poppadour in the 1950s

The pompadour hairstyle, made popular by legends like Elvis Presley, is defined by thick hair pushed back and upward from the forehead. This daring look, which could be created with mousse and a comb, radiated confidence and swagger.


The ducktail hairdo, sometimes referred to as the “DA” for duck’s ass, had slicked-back sides and a perfectly combed central section that resembled a duck’s rear end. It gained popularity among greasers and came to represent rebellious teenage culture.

Crew Cut

For males who wanted a more polished and tidy appearance, the crew clip was a more conventional choice. It was defined by shorter locks on the back and sides and slightly thicker locks on top, giving off an appearance of conventional masculinity and military discipline.

Footwear and Accessory Items

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses, made popular by actors like James Dean, gave a dash of style to any ensemble.

Creepers with Brothel

Rock and rollers on the fringes wore brothel creepers as their go-to shoe.

Timepieces for wrists

In the 1950s, wristwatches were a staple of men’s fashion, a timeless item. They elevated each ensemble with a hint of refinement, whether worn for function or as a statement of style.

1950s Icons Men’s Style

James Dean

James Dean was a 1950s fashion star thanks to his carefree elegance and irreverent appeal. For “Rebel without a Make,” he embodied the cool calm of the time with his red blazer and white T-shirt combination as well as his leather jacket.

Presley, Elvis

Elvis Presley had a profound impact on fashion in addition to music; his audacious stage attire and signature pompadour haircut served as an inspiration to countless others. His legendary combination of classic American style with a rock and roll attitude created a lasting impression on 1950s fashion.

The Marlon Brando

The role Marlon Brando played as rebellious motorcycle rider John Strabler in “The Word Wild One” solidified Brando’s reputation as a style icon.

Resurrection of 1950s Style

Modern takes on timeless looks have been seen on models and in street style, leading to a recent spike in interest in men’s fashion from the 1950s.

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